Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring in Michigan

has finally arrived in Michigan and I am so happy!

If you have ever lived here you know that one day it can be 75 degrees
and the next day we can have snow. ugh.
I hope and pray that the snow is over with for the year.

Lilacs are starting to bloom along with all the other spring flowers.

I just LOVE this time of year when everything is new.

My tiny grape hyacinth.

I love the tiny and delicate size of these beauties.

My pretty pink phlox!

Look at the center of them. So beautiful and perfect. Each and every one.

Isn't it amazing what our creator does?!!

Every spring I look out my kitchen window to see this flowering pear and I laugh.

The trunk is so small compared to the branches of the tree!

We have been told that these snap in high winds very easy because of this,
but so far we haven't lost ours.
If that day ever comes, I will literally sit down and cry!

Pretty violets. We used to find these in the woods whenever we would take walks years ago.
So perfect and delicate.

Lilacs are my favorite springtime flowers, but they wreak havoc
with my sinuses so I can't bring them inside. I can enjoy them out on my
front porch though.

I have dark purple lilacs and this pretty light lavender color. I dug up and planted a
couple starts of  this one maybe five years ago and they have thrived for me.

All I did was stick a shovel in the ground, push back the dirt and stick in the
tiny shoot! I have decided this is the way I must plant from now on because
we have bought trees that we have taken care to dig the hole the right size,
add all the stuff to make the soil right etc and they do not live for us.

The plants along the garden path are starting to wake up.
I will say it again:

I LOVE this time of year!

Our forsythia bush is putting on quite a show this year. It is gorgeous and huge.
We moved it several years ago because it was getting way too big in front of
our back porch. I told hubby it would never live since it was already several years old
and well established, but it proved me wrong! YAY for me being wrong. ha!

I hope you all are doing well and I hope to get back to more blogging this year.
Last year was a horrible one and I pray that this year brings many unexpected blessings
from heaven above. We are coming up on the year anniversary since we lost our
granddaughter Eden Rain and that will be a very hard day. Please keep our family
in your prayers if you think about it. God is helping us, but we sure miss her.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Have you jumped on the RAE DUNN bandwagon?

Have you seen the latest obsession of countless people?

RAE DUNN pottery

I have only found a few pieces and that is OKAY.
I don't want a whole house full of it.
Just a little.
Mugs and bowls is what I am concentrating on right now.

I also had to pick up this big letter planter when I spied it because
I love it and they are very hard to come by!

There are RAE DUNN facebook groups and tons of Instagram groups.
I may have joined a couple... or two or three... or...

I don't know if most collectors actually use their pieces or just display them , but I will use mine.

I raided the kitchen to set up this cupboard for pics. lol.

I am going "minimalist" compared to what I used to display on here.

Sorry about the glare. Usually there is not any light and today the sun is shining brightly
and so thus the glare. 

There are days that I REALLY want to paint this hutch white , but I haven't
taken the plunge...yet. lol.

SO, if you are obsessed with it or just have a few pieces I would love to hear about it!
It is very hard to find pieces in my area and by "my area" I mean the closest stores
are an hour or two away.

It's the thrill of the hunt right? I can't drive that far every day hoping to find something.
As I said I am NOT OBSESSED...yet. 

It's been a few months since I last posted.
We are still missing our Eden Rain so very much. It is still hard to believe that tomorrow
it will be nine months since she gained her angel wings.
We said hello and goodbye all at once.
So very hard to do.

She is loved. She is missed. She is our tenth grandchild.