Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Part 2 of My BF's Beautiful Garden!

I promised you part two of my best friends beautiful place and I am delivering!

The first photo is at the entrance to her fabulous and totally weed free garden!
I don't know how she does it!
I would need a full time gardener and then some.
She is a Master Gardener though so maybe she has a secret??


Once again, sit back with a cup of coffee or lemonade and enjoy the pics!

Her hubby builds all her fences, arbors etc. Don't they look amazing?

I have decided that I want to be like her when I grow up!!
Don't you??!! ...SIGH

She found this wheelbarrow at a huge show that we went to in the Spring and it
fits in just perfectly. She does actually use it so she must not have a gardener?! 

She comes up with the neatest ideas to keep critters away.
I don't have a garden that we actually eat food from. Mine is just flowers
so I admire her so much!!

LOVELY place that needs to be photographed for a magazine!
Anyone out there listening?? SMILE!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dusted off my camera just in time!

I finally talked my bf Peggy into letting me take photos of her place!
I decided I better act before she changes her mind, so this week I took advantage of
the wonderful weather and take photos I did.

I took 192 photos or so! It has been quite awhile since I have even wanted to do a
photo shoot, but I had fun doing this one.

Her place is so immaculate {unlike mine}
Not a weed in sight {mine has weeds everywhere}
She even plants her flowers where they actually should go {I'm such a random planter!}
LOL...Get my drift??

She is a Master Gardener and it shows, but it looked like this even before
she became a MG! I just love it!

So, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade, sit back and enjoy the photos.

I had too many for one post so I will be doing another post soon.

Isn't this the cutest? I have had this idea in my "gardening file" for years, but she
actually made it a reality instead of just looking at a photo of it.
Somehow I am sure that is much more satisfying!

Isn't it AMAZING??!! I love these lights under the roof of her potting shed.
They are perfect here.

That's all for today, but you can see as I said...not a weed in sight!
Isn't her place gorgeous!!??

I sure wish I had her gumption OR a Master Gardener to come here and work for me...

HEY, PEGGY...!!!???

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Eden's first birthday in heaven ~

Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven Eden Rain ~

Happy birthday to you in heaven
Our precious granddaughter Eden Rain
We heard the angels are throwing a party
To celebrate your birth and beautiful name.

They must be very excited
I'm sure they have baked a cake
And strewn flower petals all around
Getting ready to celebrate.

They have some presents to give you
That we just know you will love
We sent all your gifts to heaven
On the wings of a pure, white dove.

There's a box filled with love from your mama
All tied up with glittery strings
Inside there are one million kisses
And a new pair of soft angel wings.

There's a box of hugs from your daddy
He misses his little girl so
He's added some dreams and a rainbow
Along with pretty ribbons and bows.

Your sisters gifts are so special
They had to be just right
They worked so very hard on them
Sometimes even into the night.

Their box is the one that sparkles,
Because girls love nice, pretty things
They've included some stardust and wishes
 And lullabies for the angels to sing.

They also put in several handfuls
Of soft feathers for your bed
Then they included something so special
It's a new crown for your sweet little head.

Grandpa and I sent a simple gift
A sweet pair of new dancing shoes
You know how practical we are
To send something you can use.

So when you take those first little steps
Up there on the streets of gold
You can feel us all sending our love
Since you can't be here to hold.

We pray your birthday is very special
And that you know just how loved you are
You're our beautiful and precious angel
Dwelling in heaven among the stars.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Season of Flowers

Don't you just love Spring and then Summer when all the flowers just
come alive?! Our Heavenly Father sure knows how to put on a show!!

 I usually buy quite a few flowers, but this year I have cut
back because my old body just can't handle it all anymore.
I have been having pain in my arms and hands and that doesn't help either.
So it may become weed heaven around here this year. lol.

Isn't this color gorgeous!!??
This is one of the lilac trees that is growing in my yard. We purchased and planted this a
 few years ago and thank God it is still alive. We seem to have an issue with trees living that
we plant so I am counting my blessings. 

It seems to me that she blooms profusely about every other year and the years in between
it has a very few blooms. Do most lilacs do this or maybe just until they get established well?
I don't know, but I am thankful this is a good year.

This is one of my columbines. I also have one that is called:
Grandmothers Bonnet 
that looks exactly like a bonnet, but that one is not blooming yet.
I promise to share when it does.

We planted a small hydrangea plant in this spot that was sent by my sister and her family for Eden's
 funeral last year and now I have an angel and a stone to stand beside it. My daughter gifted the angel
stone to me and I think it is so pretty.  I hope the hydrangea lives! Sometimes I have plants
  that do wonderful for a couple years and for no reason they just don't come back.
 It is weird. Praying that this one survives!

Speaking of...please remember our family next Sunday. {May 21}. It will be one year on that date
since Eden went to heaven and it will be a hard day. I have some simple things planned such
as balloon release etc., but we miss her so very much and so wish she were here. In some ways
it seems like forever ago and others it seems like just yesterday.
She is our beautiful angel Eden Rain.

Isn't this handmade stump neat? I don't remember what the process is called, but I guess you
use rags to make it? Not sure, but I love it.

LOVE this container that my violas are planted in. I purchased this container with the plant in it
at a Spring Show and it is doing wonderful.

This is our second lilac tree/bush. Actually, I have two this color. Isn't it such a soft color?
 I just dug up "starts" from around another bush and replanted and they are doing every bit
as well as the large ones I purchase in a greenhouse.

Some pretty lilacs I brought inside a few weeks ago.
I just can't get enough of them!

What flowers are out at your house? Do you have a green thumb? I would
love to hear about it.
Until next time...Blessings!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring in Michigan

has finally arrived in Michigan and I am so happy!

If you have ever lived here you know that one day it can be 75 degrees
and the next day we can have snow. ugh.
I hope and pray that the snow is over with for the year.

Lilacs are starting to bloom along with all the other spring flowers.

I just LOVE this time of year when everything is new.

My tiny grape hyacinth.

I love the tiny and delicate size of these beauties.

My pretty pink phlox!

Look at the center of them. So beautiful and perfect. Each and every one.

Isn't it amazing what our creator does?!!

Every spring I look out my kitchen window to see this flowering pear and I laugh.

The trunk is so small compared to the branches of the tree!

We have been told that these snap in high winds very easy because of this,
but so far we haven't lost ours.
If that day ever comes, I will literally sit down and cry!

Pretty violets. We used to find these in the woods whenever we would take walks years ago.
So perfect and delicate.

Lilacs are my favorite springtime flowers, but they wreak havoc
with my sinuses so I can't bring them inside. I can enjoy them out on my
front porch though.

I have dark purple lilacs and this pretty light lavender color. I dug up and planted a
couple starts of  this one maybe five years ago and they have thrived for me.

All I did was stick a shovel in the ground, push back the dirt and stick in the
tiny shoot! I have decided this is the way I must plant from now on because
we have bought trees that we have taken care to dig the hole the right size,
add all the stuff to make the soil right etc and they do not live for us.

The plants along the garden path are starting to wake up.
I will say it again:

I LOVE this time of year!

Our forsythia bush is putting on quite a show this year. It is gorgeous and huge.
We moved it several years ago because it was getting way too big in front of
our back porch. I told hubby it would never live since it was already several years old
and well established, but it proved me wrong! YAY for me being wrong. ha!

I hope you all are doing well and I hope to get back to more blogging this year.
Last year was a horrible one and I pray that this year brings many unexpected blessings
from heaven above. We are coming up on the year anniversary since we lost our
granddaughter Eden Rain and that will be a very hard day. Please keep our family
in your prayers if you think about it. God is helping us, but we sure miss her.